General Comparison of Laboratory Casework Options

Metal’s main advantage are it’s strength, non-combustible factor and the wide color range available. Metal’s Disadvantages can be summed up by rust, difficultly to modify, dents, and sound.

Wood’s advantages can be defined by it’s durability, ability to be refinished easily, “warmth”, a natural material (green content), and multiple grains (species). Wood’s disadvantages are warping, the fact that it supports combustion, an inconsistency of color, limited colors, and grain cracks (solid wood).

Laminate’s advantages are a wide color range, wide range of surface materials, textures physical properties, economical, wide range of components, many trim options, several styles, dynamic & extensive product development, and excellent architectural matches. Laminate’s main disadvantages are a particle board core (moisture, strength), HPL delamination, supports combustion, and easy specification substitution.

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